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Old School Work
and Customer Service.

Modern Mortgage Solutions.


My Story
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I have 25 years of Commercial Construction under my belt. Everything from Journeyman Carpenter to Project Manager, worked on five hundred dollar door installs and ran multimillion dollar projects. One thing I was never afraid of was rolling up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. Even running a site I preferred to be a Project Manager that works with the tools as well. I always believed the best way to get the most from people was to lead by example. Now I am bringing that work ethic to Mission 35 and my new clients

Who We Are

Mission 35 and Todd Martin Mortgages are about more than just mortgages, we are a team. The office on John St S in Hamilton is more than just a work space, it's our clubhouse where ideas are shared and come to fruition, where deals are worked on together and people learn as a group. 

We bring this team mentality to everything we do, and that makes us stronger as a whole. That strength and teamwork is reflected in how we treat our clients. I am never working alone, there is always another voice in the room, the next office over, or a phone call away and that is to your advantage.

My Vision

My plan is to bring a different way of thinking to the financial real estate world. Because of my background I see problems three dimensionally and that lets me come at them from every angle until I find a solution. There is a right answer for you, let me help you find it.

About Us




Mortgage Preapproval

Looking to buy a home, not sure where to start? It all starts with a budget and that starts with a preapproval.

First Time Home

Buying your first home is one of the biggest investments in you and your future. Let me be your guide along that path. 

What We Offer

Mortgage Renewals

Don't wait until your mortgage runs out. Find out your options before you're in a bind. Come talk with me and let's find solutions that work for you.


Have equity in your home? Want to use it to help with some short time financials goals and plans? Why not consider a Home Equity Line of Credit

Reverse Mortgages

A growing but still under utilized area of mortgage solutions offering great options for those that qualify.





Our Address

59 John St S, Hamilton

Ontario, L89 2B9




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